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Easter images JesusEaster is a festival which is celebrated by Christian peoples since it is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter date festival is not a fixed date since this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the full moon day after March 21 this usually falls between March 21 and April 25. In ancient history there were many controversies regarding this celebration, the first controversy evidence was on the surrounding the festival date back to 2nd century, this was confirmed when Bishop Victor tried to punish all the bishops of Asia for celebrating this festival and the controversy was largely pertaining to the dates of the celebration. And the second controversy which raised in the 4th century since the large majority people was unhappy with following Hebrew calendar for this festival and many of the people they considered it as a great offence to consult the Jews for the appropriate time in order to celebrate this Holy festival.

They were unhappy to follow the rules of Jews, so due to these confusions the people they started to celebrate this festival through independent computations. This festival marks at the end of the lent which the 40 days fasting period by the Christian peoples. Most of the people will follow fasting period for 40 days and they will complete their fasting only on the Easter celebration, on that day they will prepare variety of dishes and they invite their close ones to their home and they will organize for prayers in their place, they sing songs to Jesus Christ along with their family members and they pray to Jesus Christ to fulfil their wishes.

Easter Images Jesus

Easter is a Holy festival which is grandly celebrated by all the churches around the world and this is the traditional celebration festival and they do many special prayers and they sing songs in praise of Jesus Christ. This will be followed by an elaborate Sunday mass and this day will be played with the background happy music.

And most of the people they dance and they sing songs together in order to forget their sorrows and they will happily celebrate this festival. The peoples will happily celebrate this day and they all get together in the church and do prayers to bring their wishes to come true. One of the most vital features of the Easter celebration is an egg.

Easter Images Jesus

Easter Images Jesus

Here it is a symbol of the resurrection of the Christian community so the eggs will be decorated and there will be also egg hunting which will be the most important part in the Easter festival celebration. Most of the people they do many decorations on Easter eggs they do some Jesus picture paintings on this Easter festival.

Most of the people they celebrate the seasonal festival by inviting all their friend’s families and their near ones to their home and they arrange for dinner and they will happily enjoy this festival with all their close ones.

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